10 September 2018

“Rosspetsmash” Association became Vice-Chairman of the Council for agricultural machinery of the Asia-Pacific region

The “Rosspetsmash” Association took part in the fourth meeting of associations-members of the Council for agricultural engineering of the Asia-Pacific region (ReCAMA), which was held in Bangkok.


The 4th Member Meeting of the Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific (ReCAMA) brought together 43 participants from 14 countries, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.

During the keynote speeches and discussion, the meeting highlighted the significant role of agricultural machinery associations and cooperatives as intermediaries and facilitators of business-government relations, emphasizing that supporting and strengthening agricultural machinery associations is important for paving the way towards sustainable agricultural mechanization in the region.

During the presentations and panel discussion, the participants discussed the condition of regional trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific, cases of different countries, and the needs and expectations of the private sector. The suggestions included ensuring quality and safety of agricultural machinery, favorable trade and investment policies, sound information exchange and sharing, adequate understanding of development trends, and so forth.

The Member Meeting also approved the participation of the Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers as the tentative Vice Chair Association for 2018-2019

The meeting also approved the participation of the Russian Association of manufacturers of specialized machinery and equipment as Deputy Chairman of the Council for 2018-2019 and as Chairman of the Council in 2020.