31 October 2018

Association «Rosspetsmash» presented to the President of Moldova Russian road and municipal machinery

Moldovan President Igor Dodon visited the exposition of modern Russian utility road and municipal machinery during an official visit to Russia. The company Mercator Kaluga (a member of the Rosspetsmash Association) also presented its products.


The exposition of the Russian technology was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the territory of FSUE «NAMI». These are the most modern Russian samples. Among them, the combined road machine ED500K based on the KAMAZ 65115 chassis, developed by world standards and released by the Mercator Kaluga.

The representative Of the Association «Rosspetsmash» told Igor Dodon about the possibilities of technology. The President of Moldova asked about the universality of the machine. The expert said that in winter it cleans roads from ice, and in summer-can be used for irrigation and street cleaning.

According to the Director оf the Association "Rosspetsmash" Alla Elizarova, Russian construction, road and municipal equipment is in great demand in Russia and in foreign countries.