04 July 2019

Rosspetsmash Association invites Russian plants to take part in an international forum

The seventh Agrievolution Summit will take place this year in Spain, on the 1st and 2nd of October. It promises to follow in the footsteps of previous summits in bringing into the arena some of the biggest issues of the day relative to the world of agriculture and the subsequent development of mechanisation and innovation as it looks to sustainably feed an ever-growing world population.


The Rosspetsmash Association is a member of the Agrievolution International Alliance. The Alliance unites 15 of the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturers associations. The Rosspetsmash Association invites to participate in the forum of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and food equipment.

This year’s summit will highlight some of the incredible opportunities held within the sector for Specialty Crops such as Olive Oil, Wine, Vegetables and Stone Fruits and will open up a focus on the Spanish agricultural market. It will look at the role of mechanisation on product quality within the specialty crops market, its relationship to yield and premium and the structure of the supply and demand chain. The summit will also raise the debate on Education and Training, in particular looking at the recruitment challenge that world agriculture and the agricultural equipment sector faces; it will consider the role of women in the mechanisation of agriculture and take a look at the new era of a requirement for digital skills. Industry experts including top executives from equipment manufacturing companies share their perspective. Keep an eye out for speakers to be confirmed.

On the second day, delegates will visit a farm demo / field day in Valencia. Visitors will see an on field working demonstration of mechanisation techniques and the adaptation of machines for different types of specialty crops. The demo day will highlight:

  • Mechanisation of Intensive and super-intensive crops
  • Post-harvesting
  • Customized mechanization

Agrievolution Summits offer keen insights into the regional host markets, they aim to bring focus to global industry issues and serve to build relationships. Leaders from across the industry and around the globe including equipment manufacturer and dealer executives, government officials, industry association leaders, academia, progressive farmers and other stakeholders come together to share information and make connections. Summits are typically hosted by Alliance member organizations every 18 months in conjunction with value-added global agriculture industry events.

Earlybird registration is now open at www.agrievolution.com


Ekaterina Braychenko, manager of the Rosspetsmash Association

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