13 October 2020

Russian agricultural machinery in the fields of Moldova

The first Russian-Moldovan Field Day has ended in Kishinev at the “Porumben” experimental field of the Crop Research Institute. The event was organized by the Russian Ministry of industry and trade with the support оf the Rosspetsmash Association, the Russian trade representative office in the Republic of Moldova аnd the Russian center for science and culture in Chisinau.


Rostselmash, "Petersburg tractor plant"," Pegas-agro"," Klintsovsky crane plant"," Altai plant of agricultural engineering"," Tractor"," NAIR " demonstrated their equipment to farmers.

Russian food engineering was represented at the exhibition by MELINVEST.

Russian agricultural machinery plants are actively involved in the modernization of the agricultural sector of Moldova. In just 8 months of 2020, Russian companies delivered agricultural machinery to local farmers for a total of 241 million Russian rubles.