27 January 2022

Russia increased exports of agricultural machinery and equipment by 39%

Exports of agricultural machinery and equipment for agriculture from the Russian Federation in 2021 amounted to 21 billion rubles, which is 39% higher than in 2020 and 74.7% higher than in 2019. This is a record.


Russian agricultural machinery was bought by farmers from 35 countries. The main foreign markets were the CIS countries and the European Union, Mongolia. The plants are developing the markets of the countries of Scandinavia, Africa, the Middle East, Brazil.

In quantitative terms, shipments abroad of sprayers increased by 2.4 times, fertilizer machines - by 87%, harvesters - by 81%, balers - by 63%, self-propelled mowers - by 45%, four-wheel drive agricultural tractors - by 39%, mounted and trailed mowers - by 38%, harrows - by 36%, cultivators - by 32%, plows - by 28%.

In 2021, shipments to Serbia in monetary terms increased by 3.7 times, to Hungary - by 3.1 times, to Mongolia - by 3 times, to Poland - by 2.4 times, to Moldova - by 2.3 times, to Azerbaijan - by 2.2 times, to Lithuania - by 67%, to Kyrgyzstan - by 62%, to Kazakhstan - by 50%.

One of the main reasons for the growth of foreign supplies of Russian agricultural equipment is high prices for agricultural products on the world market, thanks to which farmers can invest additional funds in the renewal of the machine park. Besides, there is still a high pent-up demand for agricultural machinery in a number of countries. Due to various restrictions that were in effect due to the spread of coronavirus infection, many farms are now returning to the issue of modernizing agricultural production, which helps maintain high growth rates of agricultural machinery exports from Russia.